Tap II

(Radical Delay II+ not included)
(Radical Delay II+ not included)

Tap II


Tap Tempo switch for Radical Delay II+.

Also works with Super Radical Delay, Oblivion, Chesapeake, History Lesson Vol. II, History Lesson, Equilibrium DLX.

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Normally-open momentary footswitch works with all Alexander Pedals that support remote control.

Controls the following units:

Radical Delay II+:  Tap Tempo
History Lesson:  Tap Tempo (hold to select subdivision)
History Lesson Vol. II:  Tap Tempo (hold to select subdivision)
Equilibrium DLX:  Tap Tempo (hold to select fast / slow range)
Chesapeake:  Tap Tempo (hold to select subdivision)
Super Radical Delay:  Tap Tempo
Oblivion:  Tap Tempo