Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are your pedals analog or digital?  All of our delay, reverb, and modulation pedals are digital, using a 24-bit DSP architecture.  All of our drive pedals are analog.  Future products may be analog or digital, depending on the effect desired.

Are your pedals true bypass?  Most of our pedals are true-bypass using a soft-touch footswitch and a latching relay.  The relays we use are gold-contact telecom quality and are rated for millions of cycles, much better than any mechanical switch.  Some of our products (notably the Golden Summer) feature buffered bypass with optional "trails."  Don't worry, we have a great buffer and your signal is safe with us!

My pedal is cutting off the signal in bypass!  Help!  Some of our pedals feature bypass with "trails," where the delay or reverb signal will remain active when bypassed.  In order to do this, we have to leave the mixer and mix knob active even in bypass mode.  If you have the mix knob set above noon, you'll experience a volume drop in bypass - this is normal.  If you plan to use the pedal in "full wet" mode, we recommend you disable trails and run in "hard bypass" mode.  To disable trails and deactivate the mix knob in bypass, just hold the footswitch at power-on.  The LED will blink twice if you're in "hard" bypass mode, or five times if you're in "trails" mode.  The pedal remembers your preference until you change it again.

What size are your pedals?  The Standard and Deluxe series pedals are in the 125B sized enclosure, 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm) not including knobs and switch caps.  The Super series are in the 1590BBM enclosure, 4.67" x 3.654" x 1.547" (116.76mm x 91.3mm x 39.3mm.)

Where can I buy these pedals?  Check with any of our great dealers first.  Click on the DEALERS button above for a list.  If you'd prefer to buy direct, please click on the SHOP button above to go directly to our online store.  We ship all over the world.

Why don't you just call the Litho Boost the "Class-A Boost?"  Pigtronix own the Class-A Boost trademark, and while it would have been nice to be able to call our pedal by the old name we feel we can safely move on to bigger and better things.  One of the reasons we chose "Litho" for the name is because our new pedal is a blueprinted copy of the original Pharaoh Amplifiers Class-A Boost.

Are you coming out with a (insert name of pedal here?)  Maybe.  Maybe not.  We can't comment on future product releases until they are ready to go.  Follow us on social media or sign up for our mailing list to be notified of anything new.

Will you make me a clone of (insert pedal name here?)  No.  We don't clone or copy existing designs.  We might build something that works in a similar manner to an existing product (the Amnesia is a great example) but you can rest assured that all of our hardware and DSP designs are 100% original.  We don't make Tube Screamers, because Ibanez already makes several great ones.

Do you offer endorsements or other discounts?  We aren't in the business of paying players to use our gear, so if you see an Alexander Pedals unit on your favorite player's board then they really do like it!  If you're a touring or session player we'd be happy to talk to you about a partnership, please use the contact form to email us.  We'd love to receive a vinyl copy of your latest album(s) and some promotional material, by the way.

What is your warranty policy?  We warrant our products for one year starting from the date of purchase.  This warranty is fully transferrable and follows the pedal, not the owner.  The warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials, and does not cover misuse (intentional or otherwise) or other damage, acts of God, etc.  Alexander Pedals will provide return shipping for warranty repairs at no charge, shipments to Alexander Pedals are the responsibility of the customer.

What is your return policy?  We will accept returns within 7 days of customer receipt, for pedals purchased directly from this website.  Pedals must be in like-new condition with no chips, scratches, or hook-and-loop fastener or residue.  A restocking fee of 20% applies to all returns.  Apparel is not returnable.  Pedals purchased from our dealers are not eligible for returns through Alexander Pedals, please contact your dealer to arrange a return.  

What is your international shipping policy?  We ship all over the world via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail.  We will not declare packages at a lower value, and all customs and duties are the responsibility of the importer / customer.  Please check with your local Customs or tax agency to determine what taxes and fees you will have to pay.

Are you a not-for-profit?  What charities do you support?  We are a for-profit company, registered as an LLC in the state of North Carolina.  We donate a portion of the profits from each pedal we sell to childhood cancer research charities.  We also contribute gear to charity auctions such as Circuits to Cure Cancer.